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With all the chaos happening all around every minute of the day, there is still one thing that can unify the world for one second. That will be none other than sports. No matter what country or culture, the passion being put into sports, by the athletes or even the spectators only, is enough to make the clock stop in ticking.

This is one definite reason why a million athletes have devoted their lives in the world of sports. For some, money is only secondary, they aren't worried if they will appear on the popular betting sites or not. The primary thing about sports is certainly the recognition. The awards being given to recognize an athlete’s superiority on a certain field is like fuel to the athlete’s dreams. It drives them to give more and strive for more and more awards.

Different types of sports have their own different kind of awards. The standards for these awards are given by a set of nominated award giving bodies. These awards usually stand for unbeatable sports records which an athlete has been able to set for a particular year. For example, baseball in itself had almost more than a hundred kinds of awards in six decades. Included on these are the Most Valuable Players Awards, the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, the Rookie of the Month awards. There are also the more prestigious kind of awards in baseball such as the Gold Glove Awards for Catchers and the Gold Glove Awards for Pitchers and the World Series Most Valuable Player Award. All kinds of sports, specially those kinds which are being played nationally and internationally, such as swimming, football, and basketball, have their own sets of awards. They are the goals that each player and each team want to achieve.

When it comes to sports, Athletes give their all just to get the awards and everything that comes with it, even the risk. There are awards that are too risky to attain because the sports itself is precarious. For example in Nascar, the Budweiser Pole Award is being given to the fastest qualifier in each race. The driving speed is actually the hype for the Nascar players but the sport history itself proves that it has been one of the most dangerous of its kind because it can claim a life in just a simple error in driving. An other example is the NRL, rugby players risk major injuries for the sake of the game and the chance of appearing at the top of the NRL results. One must be devoted to the sport and to his team to take on such responsibilities.

Despite all the dangers that some sports impose, sports has given athletes more reason to go for their goals. The title and the money which all come with the awards have become these days that they can change an athlete’s lifestyle in an instant. A simple boxing fighter who comes from a poor family had become an international celebrity because of his major international boxing fights. A jobless guy from the rural had become the Baseball Rookie of the Year. Those are just some examples of sports stories that inspire some athletes to compete harder. Of course, competition in sports is fierce because the awards are only for the superiors. However, these sports awards, though elusive as they are, are the turning points in the lives of all athletes. Find the perfect school messenger bag to carry your awards in. They are the definitions on every athlete’s career and for some, they tell the athletes if they should still continue with their path or it’s already time to stop.

If you love sports a great place to express that passion is when you go to college. College teams bring a comradely to students who may have very little else in common. Plus some schools have amazing teams that give you the thrill of the best games to watch anywhere. Though you shouldn’t have to have your parents cash out 401k or get a 500 loan to find and afford a school with one of these great teams. There are plenty of reasonably priced schools that have excellent sports teams, and they usually give the students great deals on tickets. It just takes some research to find the right school with your favorite team. Similarly to how universities have a list of degrees and possible degree programs on their website, they usually also give states and season statistics on their sports teams.

So whether you want to go all out with your sports passion by getting a physical education degree or you just want to get a degree in insurance advertising you can still enjoy some amazing sports teams at the college level. With the games, tailgating and general school spirit you can bring your college experience to a whole new level and meet some great new people.

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